Divided Moon

The Moon sees the Earth split between light and dark
and we see her divided the same way.
She pulls night from our day and plays with our emotions
shining reflected rays on our slumbering notions.

Moon over Paris Mountain at Dusk
Moon over Paris Mountain at Dusk

Dreamscape Now Available as an e-book

The second edition of Dreamscape: Real Dreams Really Make a Difference is now available in your favorite e-book format. For now it is available exclusively at the bookbaby store.

The print cover of Dreamscape, Real Dreams Really Make a Difference second edition.
The print cover of Dreamscape, Real Dreams Really Make a Difference second edition.
Dreamscape, Real Dreams Really Make a Difference

Giving Poetry Away

This poem is already published.  You're looking at the first serial rights.  You can do whatever you want with it.  It's yours.  Like it mic it meet it tweet it snap it up while you can  pin it to the wall, tattoo it on your ass, use it for a free pass say that you reddit, influenced the end, sending it to your friends,  link with it name a drink  for it and make a toast  to the poet who didn't read the news  couldn't get it in her head  that poetry is dead.
This poem is free.

Winds of Change

I want to
arrive on
the wings of
a dove hear
the rustle
of my feath-
ers in the
winds of change.
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A reflection is fated,
pre-destined to acquire each
line in the brow
each decision how
made without stopping
to inquire.
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Spacewoman’s Love Song

From “Mission of Love

Should I compare you to a summer’s night?
Dawn would arrive too soon to count your charms:
Dark clouds might hide the full moon from my sight,
And it’s summer that soon the fall disarms:
Sometimes desire is cooled by the heat Continue reading “Spacewoman’s Love Song”

ode to poetry

in the space

of twenty four hours

murder and mayhem

starvation and deprivation

slavery and struggle

compete for glory

as the world turns. Continue reading “ode to poetry”

ode to authority

most everyone



has the authority




to do



whatever they can get away with Continue reading “ode to authority”

No Matter What You Do

Someone won’t like you.
Someone will spread lies.
Someone will be jealous.
Someone won’t understand.
Someone will block you.
Someone will wait and see.
Someone will find you wanting. Continue reading “No Matter What You Do”

ode to today

the sky is grey

the sky is blue

there is you

i can see

i can’t see

it is today

never  yesterday Continue reading “ode to today”