Living It! – Album

Martha’s debut as producer features an eclectic array of arrangements and musical styles. The album release also features the original mix from Cinader’s debut single on vinyl, “Living It.”

Mella and the Python Healer – Single

Recorded live on WBAI Radio NY, the ancient story of Mella is the origin of the serpentine medical symbol of today. If you would like to read the words, the story is in the book Dreamscape, Real Dreams Really Make a Difference.

Unnamed Flower – Single

A poem for each of us unnamed flowers…

New York City Blues – Single

“A rare combination of Suzanne Vega and David Byrne is the best way to describe Martha’s style. Catchy and thoughtful.”

Back in the nineties I was living in New York City doing the best I could, there was also a young man named Amadou Diallo and a mayor named Giulani…

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