Creative Marketing

In the past few years, I’ve had numerous people ask me for advice about what amounts to: how to succeed as a singer (dancer, playwright, poet, author, musician etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.) Yes, that is what I am thinking most of the time after the first sentence or two, because I actually get tired of hearing it. Most people seem to only look at it from a very personal point of view, only asking ‘how can I succeed?.’ There is a more important  question (in my humble opinion) which is: how can We Thrive? Our present reality dictates that there is room at the top for a precious few (who are often not the most accomplished amongst us,) and the rest (who can either fight over crumbs, or just go in a different direction.) Do you think Frank Sinatra is a house hold name just because he was a great singer? I don’t. I think he was a shrewd business man.

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Staying True to Yourself

The Arts and the Market co-exist. Artists of all kinds depend on the Market for subsistence of the body. But the creative spirit doesn’t depend on food.  The stuff of the Soul is what carries us through, even when we are hungry. The Soul finds its expression with creativity.

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